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I love hypotheticals as much as my partner hates it. She thinks its a waste of time because how a person says he is gonna react in a hypothetical is different to how they will react when faced with in reality. This is a very valid point. However, this is the very reason I love them as it tells what the person wants to be than what they really are. Regardless, here’s a situation for ya, imagine a lawyer who has a solid job and a good penthouse across the beach. He wins a $5 million lottery and is ‘happy’ as that helped him to get some new fancy Yachts. In our second scenario, there’s a farmer making barely any profit and lives in a self-made mud house. He gets a $5 thousand lottery and he is ‘happy’ as that helped him renovate his leaky mud house. Now both are happy but who is happier?

Some of us, depending on the type of person we are, will choose one over another. BUT wait, what is happy? Feeling of happiness is generated due to release of serotonin in the body. There are degrees of serotonin release but usually its not fine tuned as 20%,25%,30%…..but low levels and then high levels (usual level). Low levels are when you hug someone or see someone you like and you quickly feel good. Anything else triggers a high level (usual) of serotonin. Now serotonin is a chemical in your body and follows the actual biological pathway (read more in wiki if interested or watch ASAPSCIENCE @youtube). The serotonin does not have a consciousness. Therefore, serotonin would not know which happy scenario is more happy worthy scenario. Its gonna release the same amount of serotonin whether you won $5 million or $5 thousand. So technically, both are equally happy.

If only life was this simple. It is for kids and they get same happy with a crappy free lolly compared to some branded packaged lolly. When we grow up, we quickly realise that getting a $5 million is not equal to $5 thousand so the thought of comparing inhibits the release of serotonin and you don’t feel that good. In our Insta and Facebook society everyone else’s pics, outings, food, etc., looks more appealing. This helps create a classification in our brain and we classify $5 thousand to be not that amazing as $5 million. We are obsessed with a celebrity perhaps or a billionaire and the classification cycle keeps on going. This leads to a point where people never feel ‘that happy’. And then you wonder why can’t we be happy like a kid who just can’t get enough of that old swing he keeps having endless fun on in the park.

Lets try to limit comparing or classifying our lives and see if that helps. I like to play Pollyanna game i.e. Glad game. I am glad to have at least win a lottery regardless of the value. Do you have any idea how crazy the odds are winning a lottery? Mathematician will drool over this opportunity to go over the values….. I am not one so I leave it here and will get on to check Insta 😛

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