Achieved happiness yet? Lets start with trying to achieve happiness as this is what every one, directly or indirectly, trying to achieve. Philosophers have debated this for long and hard. Rulers have vanished, kingdoms ruined, monks well monks are still monking to get, technically, they are trying to get nothing… SO I assume happiness is a pretty important thing to pursue in life. There are different school of thoughts on this, some pursue wealth (90% of us are addicted with money) and then some run away from materialistic stuffs so they can be happy.

Of course money is important to an extent. One need food, clothes and shelter. That’s all I can think of right now. Simple things in life are way more prettier but meh could be just me. And I am super weird. There was a free raffle to win a tablet, I didn’t put my name in. I know.. it was ‘free’ to add my name in…Firstly, never considered myself lucky and secondly, I got paranoid about what I am gonna do with it if I win. I am satisfied with my laptop and mobile. I don’t see the need even when it was free. Surely, I could sell it and make some money but why waste my time doing that. Let someone else have it. After many such behavioural incidents, I thought of going into monkinisim. Tried going non-materialistic. But yeah, I can’t do without my car or the joy I get walking with my expensive trench and soft scarves to walk to the State Library. Go without! regressing to paleo diet and start living in caves? I hated it! I did many other things like most of us do. You know like buy a guitar which you think are born to play or that piano cause noting else is sexier than singing “All of me” to the girl you love. Oh and speaking of the girl you love…

Try to achieve that! it, sometimes, can be related to happiness or can be a complete entity of its own, which people try to achieve….Whoever came up with the concept of love to be this euphoric part in life….Ah! It just brings more headaches and sleepless nights. First of all it is not magical and the worse thing is that it needs to be mutual. Now there would always be one partner more willing hence causing the other to distress. Plus how do you know if its love or something else well you don’t. You just work on it and that the issue. ‘Work on it’ when in fast paced world you just want to get things, fast. The books and movies romanticise about love at first sight which doesn’t help. Confusing lust with love! Love can not ever be at first sight because that flaws the nature of true love. You need to know a person well and truly, to accept flaws and rejoice in each other’s aloofness. How can you know about a person in half a second of a glance? Some consider to sacrifice  to obtain love. Is it really the way thou? Most people use sacrifice as that ace card in arguments when things go south. ‘I sacrificed____ for you and you did ____to me’

Understandably, loving others could be hard. So lets try to achieve loving oneself. That should be easy ? You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first. Cater for your own needs first. Then only you can cater for other needs. But do you really know what you like? You have been living with yourself for 20 plus years so you would know what you like. Yet, so many of us don’t know what we like.  To be honest, its never this simple. We are complex beings and with distinct individualistic traits. One concept/size cannot and will not fit all.

All this sounds so grim and hopeless. This is because you are looking at it wrong. Why are we just want to achieve something or another? Whatever happened to the excitement of enjoying the process?

Anyways, keeping a bit of open mind might help. And of course there’s that option of a next journey which awaits.

Today’s society is based on in achieving something or another. Focusing too much on the end goal. Personally, I am thinking to enjoy a bit of struggle in between too. You know the ‘trying’ part…