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So hormones like serotonin and dopamine plays a major role in how you feel at any given time and they are so well known that even the lay audience (the word we use to distinguish you folks like muggles of Science world) are aware of it. Its a lot complex than just two hormones plus environmental stimulus plays a major role adding in to the complexity of things. Speaking of which…went to watch Logan, the most epic and surreal portrayal of life in any superhero movies.  What a performance from Hugh Jackman. Making us Aussies proud! A must watch…sorry I digress! That movie made me feel sad but happy as it teaches things about life.

You see Logan or better known as Wolverine had this powers that made him able to survive for very long time. And the issue with that is, everyone you love or cared for perishes while your keep on living. You have to live with that ache. And a person (fictional but hear me out) in his shoes will just want to blame himself and feel that he is forever alone. A very depressing thought. Just living with no purpose or family or friends. There’s a threshold of how many people you can talk to or make friends or care for or love….After that you just become muted and detached from the world. That looming feeling that everyone is passing by you. People who have lost someone in past would be able to easily relate to what I am trying to say.

Anyway before I confuse ya’ll, what I am trying to say is life is definite. Everyone ever born dies even wolverine…. So rather than going all dark and depressive or reminiscing about happy days. This is what you do:

Whatever you are experiencing right now…experience it full on… I don’t care if its sad or happy. Live at the moment. Enjoy the fact that hormones are interplaying in your body to make you feel the way you are feeling right now. And you know what the cool part with hormones are?? Its like that button you press that gets depressed. Now the second time you press that button it pops out. So that button keeps on changing state from depressed to elevated. So whatever you are feeling will change cause hormones work in similar fashion.

Feel like you truly lived every moment. Its not about a continuous stream of joyous ride of life but see life as points. Enjoy those points in life.