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I feel so cheated

Wanna say, Fuck you!

Taking Sasha for fondue,

Fake! at least still am needed.

She already promised a blow-job

Which you can’t deliver!  Full Stop


It’s so easy to get on with our respective lives

Sleeping around and  forgetting, right?

I will find someone just as bright

So many beautiful girls!

It’s just maths

Sounds sensible

So logical


Yet, inner alarms are going off

Maybe my hormones?

Ah! just wanna turn-off


Keep seeing your smile,

Never came across this sensation

It’s a surreal realisation


It’s always about you

And your dilemma

But here am thinking of just us two

And planning to take you to Vienna


I thought I can survive by just seeing you cheery

But now I want to be in that happy

Don’t worry I don’t take much space

Just a neuron in your brain!