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Today, during the lap, with a car I couldn’t control, the trainer kept telling me to look where I am going. I was so pissed off at him for stating the obvious. I was like no shit Sherlock! where else do you think I am looking at. The trainer knew my lack of experience, frustration and trying too hard to is all slipping just like my car was off the track. You see the fact is our senses guide us. Especially the sense of sight. We are so accustomed to it that no effort is required but just a mere glance over something. A vast road, especially in flat place like Australia, with one tree or a pole on the sides. You driving along that road, car grips loosened, you stare at that one tree/pole and bang you hit that one tree/pole. Nothing else around and you still managed to hit it. How’s that for coincidence! Well it isn’t it. During crashes the driver looks at the obstacles and subconsciously hits it. Our brain is designed in such a way. There is this small experiment we did back in school to focus. A fine thread tied to a slightly heavy stone. We used to held it up and without moving any muscles, we would just think of it to move. And just like magic, the stone moves. The science is that when you focus and tell your brain to move, all these small muscle twitches. Even-though, you are thinking that you are not moving you still are. That’s what having a powerful focus can do. You always look at the road, the path to drive too. You don’t look on that tree/pole/obstacle is out there or else you will hit that.

So with this new info, I entered the lap. And no, I didn’t break any record, this is real life,  can’t change just like that. It’s not an anime where I will start yelling and turn into Super-Saiyan of a racer. Even knowing I kept doing the same mistakes, mostly.  Its a comfort zone problem. You need something, you know something is right for you and yet you don’t try that hard to achieve it. You start pointing out the obstacles. There’s is this job you had your eyes on but mostly people will stay in their comfort zone, doing the job they are already in, even if its the shit one. Same with the person you like. The couple can see that they are compatible, they know there is potential. But instead of communicating or discussing how we can work it out. We simply move apart because thats comfortable. In scenarios like these we are not only focusing on obstacles but also getting lazier.

These obstacles, if left unchecked becomes only thing a person can see. Eyes should always be on reward, or else you will stop seeing the beauty in the world. The hope, optimism and the love this world is filled with.

This might sound naive and optimistic but stop trying to be unhappy because you will then focus in being unhappy. Came across this quote that could easily summarised this blog-“He who is wishing to be unhappy, finds many ways to prove his course”