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Generally, a person who speaks more aims to be more silent or vice versa. Bald people admire the hairy ones, hairy ones hate the constant maintenance of their hair. How come we don’t excel in things that we already are good at. If you speak a lot then train and become an excellent speaker/communicator. If you are silent type then embrace that and become a wise one whose words are less but meaningful and deep. If you are bald then focus on other things like beard maybe and move on. Insecurities are in the eye of beholder. Don’t label things as insecurities. Move on with life. Cry if you have to, laugh, yell or sweat it out. Nothing stops you just need to learn to move on. The world is filled with problems and hardships so stop worrying about insecurities and suffer something else, lol. Now, for comic relief…..

Size matters right? Whether it was exam or just normal talking, there are some who would always write or speak a lot. For e.g. I simply fail to convey a message directly and quickly. The assignment is 2000 words and I will end up writing 4000 words. When I started tutoring my students, most of the time, would get the concept after just one example. It made me so frustrated because I always have 2-3 other ways of explaining it. I guess I am a man of quantity rather than quality. The media, cartoon and society drives you to think like that too. Wealthier people are usually displayed as larger in size and with crazy big bungalows or bigger everything. Like lately that guy who pops up in Youtube ads saying, “I have garage filled with supercars and drop off the college….” But enough, blogs would be smaller and more direct now. I am gonna change my preference towards short and sweet.

So speaking of short and sweet, brown people are known to have a not very generous phallus compared to our black brethren. Then you hear all these girls arguing size matters. And here is this brown guy already struggling with hormones and now has to deal with penis sizes, hoping to beat the statistics. Just waiting to grow larger…I mean taller. He is now out from the basketball team because he is still waiting for the growth hormone to kick in anytime now. And then icing on the cake, his immune system starts attacking his own hair follicle making him go bald. Now, the image you have in your head is some short brown guy, face full of zits, average penis (nothing to brag about), is out of basketball team and has a bald patch thanks to alopecia. Won’t go into other things for now. But as a hypothetical example, lets deal with what we have in hand. There are many things one could do to conceal. And people do that, go to extraordinary length to hide things. But it takes courage to embrace your insecurities and move on with life. Ready to face the rest of the world. Kudos to Sir Patrick Stewart who suffered with baldness at the age of 19 and shaved it all since then. He has 3 wives so he is doing pretty good in that department. Personally, I guess most of us will have insecurities the only thing you can do is embrace it and live it.


Stop being insecure!


To Bald people all hair is beautiful 😛