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I had no idea how to play this shit. Last time I got introduced to it was in a camp from uni where the group got pissed as they were trying to explain to me how it worked and couldn’t enjoy it themselves. I stayed away from it as long I could and admitted that its something I could never understand. You know like the quantum physics. Plus nothing is more shameful for a nice person to bring discomfort to others. I hated that others couldn’t enjoy it coz of me. It’s a nice person issue that we deal with every time. We are the breed of super observers. We figure out early on who likes what and do things to benefit them. I know sounds really stupid but it is what it is.  I digress. This time thru work I was asked for poker and I was like you know what lets do it. How hard can it be? So I played on, and learnt three very important things. First, I need to keep one persona no matter what the cards are. Second, keep the pressure on every now and then by raising the stake and third, have fun. The last one was very important because when you do that you have control over the stuff. You don’t let the negativity affect you or get intimidated by others. I was loosing big time but winning too. Probability was somewhat even. The problem was I had no idea why am I winning or why am I loosing. I figured it out after the rounds were done. Plus google helped. I remember asking one of the guys if 7 and 3, I had, are any good, he said fold and I smiled. I won that round. I showed them my face as that of amateur knowing nothing of the cards just what they expected. Later, when I knew I have similar cards that made me win before, I raised the bet. People around me thought I know nothing, they lost big time. They kept on calling it a beginner’s luck and kept on falling for the same trick every time. I managed to have all the players break one by one. In the end, I won all the chips and the meagre money they had in pot. However, I wasn’t happy because I won, I was exhilarated that I was able to manage to understand the three things, I mentioned earlier.

Life is so much similar to this, each personality is distinct and that’s beauty of it. Throughout the game I was told to drop the persona I had but I stuck with it. So stick with  your personality. Enjoy what you are, of course modify it and be open minded about it. Just like when you bluff in poker, change only when you see it fit. Second rule, every now and then in your life raise the stakes. Try to achieve something challenging. If don’t want to change then vigorously shake your comfort zone. If you loose then remember the third rule, have fun. As cliché it sounds, but life is not about the destination but the journey. So remember to apply the most important rule of having fun in the life. Enjoy all the hardships, successes and the  horrible failures. There’s a very little time between you are birth and your death. So please enjoy the journey in between. Plus, help others to do the same. I started doing this thing at work. Whenever I get pissed off or stressed, I observe the people around me and try to complement them. Man, its so hard to see anything positive when you are in that mood but once you change your mindset and try to look hard it is possible. Things like that may not help anyone but it feels amazing to do. I tell myself, look at you bro becoming a greater person here. Enjoy the narcissist in you 😛

Not saying I am the expert in either, poker or life but with on the eve of my Master’s coronation, I feel like sharing this.