Lately, I have been reading some interesting blogs online. People are amazing; so creative, imaginative and with thoughtful content. There’s a guy talking about moral injury and a girl telling how simple it is to be Christian and being married to a Muslim man. Personally, I would prefer for her to argue that how simple it is because both of them are H. sapiens thats why its so simple, don’t they see it. You are born human and then your surrounding tells you what club you belong to. Anyways, this rant doesn’t belong here. I digress.

I lost my voice thanks to cold and flu, watch out Melbournians its that time of the year. You know you are in shits when you open your mouth and try to say something but no voice comes out. Yeah, it was a scary experience and I have found a new respect for people who can’t speak. Not gonna call people dumb (Not like I used to). So once my speech is gone I became more conscious of my other senses. Especially, ears and eyes, partly cause nose is gone due to cold & flu. Plus, can’t rely on my sense of touch cause be real, a person touching things will only be perceived as dodgy as f*#k, especially a brown one. First of all, the noise is unbearable. For instance, I started catching public transport and the music people hear, either the headphones are leaky as shit or the volume is really that loud. And then its the dress code. I am not even talking about half arse showing and hoodies. I am talking about guys who have started showing their ankles, especially the old ones in their late 40s. Did I not get the fashion memo? The dress code is getting weirder day by day.

Person’s true self can’t be judge by the outer appearance. Well, you totally can and I am judging like a bitch. I feel so guilty. We learn and formulate things from our own experience. In my case, I had a not so good experience when I dressed up hence the hate. I was all dressed up for some uni event. I was returning home on the train where I met two guys, all neatly suited up. They see me, another neatly suited up fellow, and we initiated in small talk. They were big shot and they invited me to this job convention thing happening next day at a reputed hotel in the city. I was like this must be destiny as they portray in movies. I was a deadbeat university student with no career outlook and here I got invited to this awesome convention at this amazing venue. Btw, when I say deadbeat uni student, I don’t mean an arts student (no offence arts folks). I was doing a top degree from the top university and thats what made these folks invite me to this thing. I dressed up even more and excited like a moth seeing the light, I flew straight in at the venue. This guy introduced me to doctors and engineers and etc., all coming in awesome cars and dressed up amazingly. I was like this is pretty cool and it would be awesome for me. What an amazing destiny! Universe is looking after me, about time something nice happened in my life. I was hoping to find a girl there too, just in my shoes and we could chat for hours. What an amazing story that would be to tell kids! Take that How I met Your Mother. Yeah, my imaginative grey cells do fire up and go to the extreme, can’t help it at all.

So when the excitation phase was settling, I started questioning what exactly is this convention about. It was great to have the rational me took over. I tried asking few folks around and the replies I got was, “you are here so might as well wait for the guest speaker and listen from him”. So I did, in the meantime I am getting served these drinks and food. I was thinking I was actually a part of something big like a vampire club or something. Suspicions has taken over but it hastily disappeared after another amazing champagne. The palate was so crisp with all that bubbly pleasure. Guest speaker looked dashing you know the type of suit fabric that oozes money out. It was like if I could touch that there might be gold dust on my hands. I am exaggerating of course. At this point my anxiety was at the peak and my imaginative soul mate was no help in calming me down. All these well clothed folks of high position and the snack and that champagne. I am drifting here, again. I don’t want to make this more embarrassing, long story short I was a victim of an elaborate marketing strategy called chain marketing/global marketing/e-commerce, etc. I buy something and then sell it. People above me make a cut from my profit and the guy at the very top gets the cut from all the sales, like a pyramid. I am like why there are doctors and engineers involved. It was a mess and my dreams, my soul mate, my career all was going to shits. I was so sick of these shit and people around me agreeing with all the crap the guy was saying. How can people be so gullible? [says the guy who thought Universe took time out for a precious snowflake] I needed to take my frustration out somewhere. So here what I did, after the talk, I walked to that guest speaker and said this all sound dodgy as fuck and was an awesome crap I get to hear in long time. I think I offended all in there. The main guy looked at me and said I should be careful with the choice of words and referred to me to a guy at my situation who made lots of money and then this guy started selling me shit. I was like I am not gonna fall for this but he still insisted I buy the starter package. Can’t they hear or see my total denial of this shit? I guess money made them blind. Money does that to people you know., it has the tendency to divert us to triviality.

So there it is, decided not to trust people solely based on clothes. Take what you will from this. People are getting harder to get along with and a right friend or a partner is lost in the jungle of outer appearances. Its a mess out there so if you found someone then communicate as much as you can and make it work out. Don’t let religion, skin colour, etc, come in between. Remember we are humans above all.