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Every now and then, for past two years, I have been travelling from Melbourne to Geelong. Being the young and hunger for need the speed guy I am, the driving still becomes painfully boring, tiring and don’t even get me started on the freaking drivers who engage the right lane when throughout the highway it says, “KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING”

Anyways thanks to the majestic You Yangs, I was able to keep road rage at bay. The peculiar geographic landscape. There formation reminds me of that scene in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, where when Hagrid asked who would like to volunteer to ride Buckbeak, everyone took a step back making Harry looked like he stepped front. Similar thing happened here. The You Yangs are magma that solidified and looked plain ground but in due time the surrounding land surface simply eroded (quite common). The granite rich magma, You Yangs didn’t erode at the same pace as the surrounding land, making it look like a peak. 🙂

I am not a geologist but I think thats what I have been reading.

Long story short. Its amazing to drive there at 22 km from Melbourne city towards Geelong. Near Lara. There’s nothing around except it and they look awesome. I have been there many times. You can have a long trail walk, bbq, picnic or could drive all the way up and then climb the stairs to the peak. Pretty kids friendly (Parents:common sense for safety). The ones who want more can start jogging at the trail and then climb the peak. Allowing for awesome overall cardio.

Enjoy the pics.


Nice jogging trail


You can climb the nearby rocks if you are dangerous


Awesome clouds while running back


Pretty epic


Panorama of the other side is Avalon airport and the shore