Note: It’s not about me but I write as if it was me because its easier to be first narrative.

I was trying to avoid this topic  because of the obvious fear of being branded as pretentious, show-off, snob, ______ (fill in the blanks). but you know what, F#^* u! We are humans too and pretty good ones at that too. Since when saying,’I don’t understand maths, hahahhaha’ became a normal thing to say. I am not even in maths yet I understand maths, heck I teach it for fun as a side thing. If you don’t understand something, work on it, don’t give up thinking its alien and you would never understand it.

Being topper is hard because the probability of being at the peak is very slim and then we enter the super genius territory and it gets weirdly harder to maintain that position too. You see, there’s not an accurate measuring scale to truly gauge the smartness of someone. We do have tests and this and that but they are limited to the capacity of that person who designed it. So in a way the person who designed that particular test is the smartest to come with it on the first place so no one could be truly beat him in a way I have no idea where I a going with this…. but none of us do….

Someone gets classified as topper and hell break loose, you get treated differently, as if we wanted more division on top of what already exists. I have tried ‘dumbing down’ even failing few subjects just to be part of norm but it’s even worse. Hated it! because someone else got ahead of me and it took me a while to get my track record back to aces. The point is if people would have excepted me, then there wouldn’t be a hurtful, hateful, hideous, blog here. I just used the “h” adjectives for fun. Am not that serious, lol! yeah I had it tough but everyone suffers thru something. The pain is never the same. Will give you an example, someone who has it good gets cheated by his/her partner that would be something world shattering for him/her. He never faced a situation where he got betrayed to such an emotional extent. However, one guy has always been alone and then his parent dies in high school. Do you reckon, if in future some bitch decided to cheat it would hurt him the same???  You just wish everyone luck and walk out because you know the true pain of loosing someone for good.

Before I get more sidetracked, here’s what I really want to say, treat everyone with respect. Regardless if he is smart or not. No one is same, so stop saying I understand your pain because its never the same pain. and most importantly, STOP GIVING UP! 53087128