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You know the issue with porn is, the ginormous amount of content. No one finishes the whole video, they switch instantly between porn. This, with many other 21st century societal changes, contributes to our tiny attention span. Therefore, I decided not to write a book on ‘A Nice Person’. Firstly, no would read a lengthy book until unless there’s shades of nice person involved. Secondly, I too am a patient of short attention span so writing a book, pshtt… ain’t got time for that shit. Also, when I say nice it cover all related traits like decency, empathy, a good all-round person, etc, you now….So, lets begin with real content of ‘A Nice Person’ :-

Fiction, non-fiction, literature, history, movies and even animes, all portray being nice in a negative connotation. Canada is made fun of on regular occasions because they say sorry a lot and are polite. I mean it was a continuous joke on popular How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) for however long (years) that sitcom aired for. Terms like ‘nice man finish last’, ‘bad guys gets good girls’, ‘nice men = (the dreaded) FRIENDZONE’. The psychology and evolutionary baggages all hints towards nice =  weak and frail. Someone who can be exploited easily and/or is unintelligent. The con men gets the girls, cake and praises. ‘Might is right’, in a sense how cunning are you or how easily can you frame/cheat…You see where I am going with this.

The upheaval going on in our society proves that this world is no place for nice person. This particular trait seems redundant in our society. It will die out too as girls have all the power to steer how the future of guys are. Yup guys, no matter how much you try to oppress/give less rights to females, they have the utmost power to alter fundamental things. There are breeds of pigeons that are trained so well that the behavioural change has made into lineages. Now once you crossbreed the differently trained pigeons, the offsprings display both traits. Its so cool you must have a look into youtube. Say once you clap the pigeon rotates in mid-air and the other breed stops flapping its wings. The offsprings of the breeds does both given the stimulation or at least tries to. Girls as mother, sisters, wives, etc., influences the new generation.  So if they start liking bad boys always, guess what will happen to nice traits 😦 These things take ages like any natural selection but the drift does happen.

The worse part is tragedy. Often the nice person observes and learns about the disparity in society and sometimes gets so blinded in fixing everything or taking blame/responsibility that they themselves ended up suffering the most. Like the Nazi officer Wilm Hosenfeld who rotted away in a Soviet prison or Irena Sendler who got her limbs broken and almost got shot or many such who risked their life to save many Jewish during Hitler’s reign. Many we don’t even know. This, I hate the most. I mean you do all these shit for family/relatives/friends/people and you get betrayed or used up by or get nothing from the world. And to those people saying don’t worry, there’s place in Heavens for them. Just don’t even go there. Once you die, you die and decompose like any other living thing.  An account is opened on the Earth and it should be taken care for here, not somewhere up in imaginary ghetto called heaven.

By the way, I loathe religious people niceness. Like Mother Teresa types. What a shocker she was! Only helping after converting the weak, poor and mostly illiterate masses into her religion. Its like join my camp and you will get rewarded. Niceness should be one way thing. In return if you get a little niceness back then that should be enough. No need to signup for a membership to get aid. Then there are those god-fearing folks. They are charitable and nice only so that heavens is waiting as a reward. If a person is decent for a reward then can one call him/her decent? Morality is common sense. You treat others similarly as you want to get treated like. That’s it, simple as that. You don’t need a threat or reward from an invisible Santa in order to be classified as decent Homo sapiens. Neither do you need a book defying all laws of physics or the mechanism of the world around you so that you can wake a sane person every morning. One eats and clothes not because its told by Gods. There’s no divine gesture in doing so. One does it, simply to survive. Survive by being hungry for knowledge not money and power. Survive in a manner that everyone has equal opportunities.

I don’t have a compelling, heart-felt or views altering rationale to force people into being more nicer. It does feels nicer to be able to help someone (not talking the lazy donation we are accustomed to, thinking that putting coins in a Salvation Army box makes you nicer, get off your high horse) But no point arguing about a trait that is certainly laughed about these days. Of course just being nicer would make us super boring like Canada as represented in HIMYM. So a range of emotions with dynamic and complex nature of humans is important. However, if being just that little nicer will progress our species into a little more peaceful realms. Then its not that boring. Once the world is just that little more peaceful, all of us could focus a little more towards many mysteries in our world and universe. There’s a lot to do and to be excited about, which would take care of boredom. Many things require figuring out. We still know nothing…..


Wilm Hosenfeld

Here’s Wilm, The Pianist (2002) multi award winning movie shows a glimpse of his courage and generosity.