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Hate when psychologist have theory and stuffs to explain what’s going on. However, its always fun to have a good crack on hows and whys of our actions. Even-though its an estimated guess (dealing with my inner hate of seeing psychologists getting right {occasionally}). Here’s one for fun; imagine a guy got into an accident and there are onlookers. What happens is that if there are many onlookers, there’s lesser chance of anyone helping. Kinda weird for me as mathematically seeing this- wouldn’t it be a higher probability of someone coming to help as there are more people around. Guess life is not all numbers and maths. When there are more people, most of them think that someone else should take the responsibility and the sense of responsibility gets diluted. Most of us are like that, some aren’t and that makes them lead others. Hence the term leaders and the reason why they are not so common.

But but its so counterintuitive isn’t it! Well kinda no, there are 7 billions of us, we come in different colours, shape and sizes and smell too and yet our society is in so much pain. Smaller community like in country or villages are way happier cause I guess responsibility gets shared and people collectively do something. But these days everyone is like thats’s someone’s else faults. Its always government/politics/greedy people/whatnots problem. Jews killing was not too far in past and yet there are people dying! racial harms, religious slaughterings or political wars, killing for territory or money/capital. AS if countless illnesses weren’t enough that we had to add unto unjust and misery. Hate to sound like one of those pessimistic emo-hippies but its hard to do anything too. As a student you have these ideals to change the world but you grow up and you realise its all about the money. It all starts with money—Earn this, buy this, loan this, earn more! to pay the loan! and of course buy more! Get a family, raise them do the typical shit and done with your life just like that. Plus society condemns those who try to sway away  from traditional path.  Like Oh! there must be something wrong with him/her for not marrying or not being in a relationship or earning less money or not owing some brands or equipments. Cause thats how success is gauged, by how much money you have. People these days just quote Warren Buffet or Bill gates or that guy on youtube ads who shows off his super-cars and houses and tells people to drop out of college. Don’t get me wrong! nothing wrong from earning some money but I think its getting more importance than it really is. How much gold did Egyptians Pharaohs take away with them after they die?

Anyway speaking of its hard to do something, you see I was thinking of going volunteer overseas against poverty or health or education to listed countries. But got so emotionally blackmailed from family who have gone out there ways to find issues with these places. And its kinda scary too, no one knows when there could a missile be launched or you get stabbed for something silly. Well risks of anything is possible, even in the world’s most liveable city! A lightening could just THE END me right now! But you know what I mean, I would do what I got a do but we all need some inner change, some kind of click inside us, where we don’t go crazy righteous but you know mature up a little….

Maybe nature/science could help. I used to wonder what outward physical traits will be supported after million of years from now due to evolution. But looking at the scenarios we live in I am thinking it could be mentally. Maybe somehow our brain matures up and we start thinking differently. Where all lives gets equal respect and rights. Wars are laughed upon as the very thought of it would go beyond all rational/instincts and everyone would oppose. Or it could be considered as gross as eating our own shit, even Bear Grylls wouldn’t do it (I hope he hasn’t already or would lost my case 🙂