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U people, I people,

Same people, yet hate people?

Blame people, ruin people

Capture people, free people,

Different skin coulour people,

Different religious people,

Different accent have people,

Different food people,

Differences in (perosnality) people,

Difference out (dresses) people,

All made of SAME things people!

We all the same people!

Drag down people, short-sighted people,

Eccentric people, calm people,

Fucked up people, hateful people,

Hurt people, sad people

Why do that people?

Just glad to be people!

Lecture people, preach people

Fight people, capture people,

Slave people, rape people,

Sane people, Insane people

Stupid people, smart people,

Poor people, rich people,

Healthy people, ill people,

Young people, old people,

War people, peace people

We all the same people!!!

We all the same people!!!

Just be the same people!!!