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Do we ever count how many hours we are on the net?.. Not directly but indirectly too, u know, the insta, snapchat, twitter, fb and what not. The world is really connected and all but I am sure you have heard it too, when they say that at this era we are the most connected than ever but also the most alone. There are Ted Talks and articles on this. Some are placing it up with obesity and substance abuse in public health issues. So I guess its big… But I am not saying its evil. All my relatives are spread out across globe so it helps us connect and establish my roots somehow. People who don’t know about Australia still know how big our country is, and let me tell you, man its huge. I was able to tutor a guy online who would otherwise have never be able to get any help. Also medical services/consultancy thru online is great.. You must be thinking, wtf! this guy is own about, make up your mind already, are ya for or against it. Well, I am neither, Its never black or white u know its always shades of grey (there goes all seriousness, everyone is thinking of 50 shades of grey now, dammit!!)

However, I am more intrigued by the discrepancies among us for this technology…. Its established that we are online all the time so thats where the most of our time is, yet stuff like online dating or apps connecting people are frowned upon. Sorry if thats not the case where you are then its not gonna make sense, but here down under, I guess we are still bit traditional and we are so lagging behind, for example; Netflix just got here in 2015 (with half-arse content), we still don’t have anything like amazon, and 40% of eat out places are cash only (hate the most)…. I did the frowning up when my friend told me she found her bf thru Tinder, I shook my head in disbelief and was like but thats the hook up app, how did that happen? What cover story do you tell public, you surely can’t say u met on Tinder, can you? I know, I was stupid to think I am open-minded after asking all those questions. Ah!! poor girl was all shaken up (nah she punched me on the arm and said think b4 u babble bitch!)…. And I started thinking…. Wait.. Disclaimer: I am not endorsed by Tinder or stuff (wish I was, so cool to get some money thru this!)….. Forget about romance from clubs, where the rest of the time of our generation goes if they aren’t online. There’s no regard for personality, sense of humour or intelligence. It’s so primal, pumped up chesty guys goes to ladies and start rubbing their dicks the first girl to respond gets the guy.  Those tribal males  we see in National Geography documentaries have to do more then that to impress a girl.

The comedian Neel Kolhatkar (meme below) thought of a scenario where what would happen to those Shakespearean era poets in clubs. Will their romantic poems be able to sway the heart of the girls or will they even get the language given d txt lang. our generation has mastered. Probably they will get beaten up by the gym dude or mock by the infamous quote, “Do you even lift, bro?”  Yeah, I hate clubs… people told me you have to be drunk to enjoy the true essence of it. Well that kinda tells you about the place. And my Gawd!! its expensive… And just forget about the scenario where u grocery shopping and just get in love with a girl and ask her out and she says yes, that only happens in Michael Bublé’s songs. Speaking of shopping… I kinda did ask salesgirl out but that was my mistake coz I thought they were hitting on me but turns out they were just too good in selling stuff. And I took it entirely the wrong way. That’s the strategy these days, they have smoking hot salesgirl in guys store to sexualise and sell stuff to guys and its amazing how well it works. My friends spend hundreds on shit they don’t want. Doesn’t work on me thou, even Megan Fox started selling me shit and its shit which I don’t want, I wouldn’t buy it I guess its the immunity I get from my Indian genes :P, simply, I can’t justify shit purchases.  Most of the book shops are closed, in libraries well that’s for study there ain’t time for goofing around. Well, you get the point. So online dating is more sensible. You are in control, you look into profiles, talk, have a pre-judgemental session and then go on date. Again not saying its all good with no cons but one would say it makes sense right? So why would one feel it to be not normal or jump on conclusions or try to hide it or ask the stupid questions like I did. Human emotions and actions are always fascinating. One should take note of it, like I did 🙂