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Since childhood I have been hushed whenever I even begin to ponder on ‘what if’ something fails or doesn’t work. People kept on telling me to be positive, think positive and positive would happen. I say NO MORE! I am gonna talk negative today. There’s a good reason for it, you see statistically speaking there’s an equal chance for success and failure to happen (more like heads and tails in coin tossing), so in a life time one must have faced failure. Now if no one decides to talk about the elephant in the room, how would you be able to deal with it. Risk management, something I learn in my management subject, can aid in dealing effectively with such terrible situations. I wonder if this the reason people end up deciding to do stupid things once they face with failure. As they simply don’t know how to deal with it as they never speak about it. Job loss, unemployed, relationships break-ups, divorce, you name it. It could be simple as one of the things you wanted in the store and they ran out of it to losing everything in natural disaster.  Lets stop people from jumping out of windows from their offices’.

Has this ever happened to you? You are waking on a suburban footpath minding your own business, and one of the dogs from the houses barks at you. The immediate response it to jump out of the way and your heart beat increases. A quite normal response given the surprise. The response is regardless of how brave you are, how much you can lift in gym or how much of an adrenaline junkie you are, you are gonna jump like a bitch. Now next time you pass thru the same house on the same footpath you are already aware of the dog and you would be less surprise if it barks at ya. The simple fact of just knowing can prevent you from jumping and squealing like a 5 yr old.

Exact same logic applies in life. Don’t fret on negativity and become gloomy and depressed, because life is very much that and 100 times more gloomy and depress. In order to survive peacefully, and happily you need to avoid these negative feelings but just go thru ‘what ifs’ so that you are at least 1% prepared to deal with it.

I am pretty sure no one wants to look like a squealing, jumping, out of breath and sweaty wreck, you rather pass that house with head held high coolly thinking that dog is in the house and chances of it hurting you are slim. Who is having last laugh now stupid dog.

(I have nothing against dogs, but this has happened to me so much with specially those tiny-furry ones, freaking hate them)Unknown