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I never try to tell others how to live their lives. It rises many philosophical debates in me. However, I do try to suggest a lot. And yes there is a difference between them. Suggestions are more like that yellow advisory sign on roads on bends, etc., where they tell you the advisable speed you should be adhering to but you are not restricted  to it. By the way, I think those yellow advisable road limit signs make me not take them as advisable as they should. It makes me challenge it, I am like I can do better than that speed and sometimes, (only once maybe) I feel like I should have sticked to the limit and then that thought goes away as I beat the speed like ‘THE STIG’, is it just me?

SO what was I talking about, yes… the thing is folks that we all have wonderful brains and ability to think but for some reason we don’t or find a way to silence it. Think about this, once you are born you are a human being first then whatever the classification society puts you in regarding the skin tone, place or the religion you were born in. So now that you are a human being, you also have the genes for a critical mind courtesy of our ancestors who survived hunters and gatherers period. Whats the point for all this you ask?  I want you to not take anything or everything you hear or come across in your life with absolute certainty. I am not asking you to join the other camp and admit yourself in conspiracy and theories. Find a balance. If a doctor is saying something then yes listen to him/her but have your share in asking questions/researching yourself. This world is very random no one could be 100% I would finish this with an anecdote (and no I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone).

Once a reputed psychologists commented on my t-shirts. She said the print on my t-shirts ranging from lion, tiger and cheetah tells her a lot about my personality. In spite of her knowledge and credibility she got me very wrong. You see whatever she deduced from my t-shirts was under assumption that I chose that prints. However, I didn’t really care what was on it, merely bought those t-shirts because they were on sale for $2 each. LOL