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A typical Melbourne summer day, started with 31Celsius with UV rating max at 10, well above the dangerous level. And as the dusk falls, cool breeze was graciously touching the sweat on the skin. Cooling our inner core gradually. As if rewarding us for being there even in such a hot day. It would be wrong if all the share goes to the breeze. The cold Aussie home brew beer was a welcome delight. And when accompanied with hot, spice-ful, Indian snacks. It was truly multicultural.

My heart goes to all those staffs, event managers, volunteers and guests who helped emphasise why Melbourne is the best city to live in the whole world for 4 consecutive years. Cough…. Sydney..cough…in your face…cough.

I feel obliged to write this partly because I am half drunk (as many other writers our brain cells only work when they are drowning in alcohol) and partly coz of this addicting persuasive, motivating, uplifting and joyous music they are playing. It is incredible environment around here. The beauty of this festival is this is a small suburb  (Clayton) festival. Many other bigger suburbs do this kind of event with more panache and luxury. Whereas my suburb was all hard sweat, down to earth, the real big heart festival. There was nothing fancy about this place materialistically speaking. However, the spirit of people, the wonderful unity, love and respect for all cultures, religion and nationality made this little event something to remember for the rest of my/our life.

There were skeptics and economists (due to recession/finance and all) suggesting this small event will get close and due to the bad publicity (and weather) caused it to have lesser commercial outlets. But love was not less in any manner.

There were amazing teas/coffees from Mexico, Indonesia, China, Italy, Greece, Vietnam and India (naming the ones I tried). There were all these lovely elderly from their countries bringing the secret grandma recipes. Some of them had Aussie twists with ice and other things in them to have a subtle hint of the aromas and spice. (many white folks can’t take full heat. [used to think its only whites who can’t take heat but after trying the real Mexico flavour I striked the white. I bring shame to my Indian heritage I am sorry but I failed to handle the Mexican heat])No offence to any race, its just stereotypes thats all). Oh, did I mention the price to try all these teas and coffees. It was NOTHING. All these beautiful elder ladies were giving out the teas and coffees for free. (Now you know why I tried all of it lol).

I was so busy trying all these things that I forgot to take the pics or visit the stages. There were three stages strategically set up so you can hear whatever they were doing wherever you were on the street festival. There were dances, songs, instruments, from every nation. And it was amazing to see all of them paying homage to the native owners of the land (Aborigines people).

Did I mention the food. Crepes from France, Dutch croquettes, Egyptian, Indian, Mexican,,ahhhh just too many to name. I didn’t take many pics as sometimes its better to absorb (in this case eat all that food) the environment you are in rather than hide behind a screen (learnt from A secret life of Walter Mitty (2013movie)).

The food pics I have taken is mainly Indian cause I ate Indian last and realised that should have taken the pic of everything I ate. I truly apologise. As I said, there were so many other delicious foods and so cheap.

Enjoy, PEACE!


Just starting…

I see glass 'full' empty, Sorry drank the whole thing then realised should have taken the pic.

I see glass ‘fully’ empty, Sorry drank the whole thing then realised should have taken the pic.

Fencing Practice anyone?

Fencing Practice anyone?

Sorry I ate first then hurriedly took the pic and then again started munching

Sorry I ate first then hurriedly took the pic and then again started munching, this Indian snack was so perfectly suited with cold-cold beer. It was match made in culinary heaven.



Best Snacks ever

Indian again, or is it excuse to drink more beer???

Decoration, food and beer! What else do u need?

Decoration, food and beer! What else do u need?


Trivia night Reward, Yeshhh!!

Trivia night Reward, Yeshhh!!


This is the queue for the beer. When the stall was not even fully set up. Yeah, we do Love our beer 🙂


Artist on the stage on the heat and still giving out positive vibe.


People in front of the artists (above)