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The purpose of this blog is to simplify ‘love’. So grab those ice creams or chocolates you bought and read on.The topic is so intriguingly complicated that I have to write a series of blogs on it. One blog would not do justice to it. Plus with Valentine around the corner the timing is impeccable. Lets find out what love is (well at least try).

Everyone in their life faces the situation where you see a person and instantly you feel something. No.. No.. my fellow chromosomes Y bearer, I am not talking about that jaw drop when a smoking hot ‘Ferrari’ or a bootylicious female (refer to my blog Pervert! who me? ) passes by. This attraction I am talking about, is more on girls who are not superbly hot looking. In fact your friends might not even see anything special about her but for you its bells ringing and kangaroos hoping kinda situation a.k.a ‘Love at first sight’ situation.  However, what actually is happening is that you are being a judgemental psychopath. You see evolutionary speaking, we naturally got selected to be judgmental and rely on System 1. (Daniel Kahneman‘s Thinking Fast and Slow, a must read for everyone http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thinking,_Fast_and_Slow#Two_systems )

System 1 is basically that old judgemental uncle who keeps on making quick decisions on anything and everything. Why we have it then, well for in-depth knowledge I suggest the book, one e.g. was lets say you being judgemental and concluded that their is a tiger hiding in the bush now it is 90% unlikely but the reward is greater for that 10% of chance in being right. Does it make sense? you know in those 10% cases you its life and death matter. Life is always more important hence evolutionary selected. Anywayz similarly our brain makes quick judgements on person. People who are right in that 10%, keep bragging all their life about how romantic the whole ordeal was knowing little that it was a fluke.  For the rest of 90%, once you  spend time with your supposedly lover at first sight you would soon notice that she is not all that what you made out her to be and you may even dislike her with time and getting to know her better as your System 2 side of the  thinking calculates and passes better judgement.

Now you know the rationale behind Love at first sight. Will deal with other factors later.