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I am writing a well researched and scientifically-backed up ‘rant’ on ‘LOVE’ due to Valentine’s Day on the corner of course but that could wait. Things are getting grim down under. No no I am not gonna bitch about Tony (our recent PM). We are privileged to be living in a democratic country. So really it should be the majority of us to blame who chose his party. But I am not pulling their legs either. This blog is about the stupid, inefficient, greedy managers out there. The day I did my management subjects in uni, I realised one fact, being a so-called good and efficient manager or in admin has nothing to do with business principles or case scenarios. Everyone’s personality is unique. Everyone is suited for something. The management nature of a person has to come from within and be evident in his daily life. We live in different times. Especially in our western world where the money is such an addictive commodity that we as child are grown with a concept of money…money… all the time. There is no such thing as save the money and then buy the item. In fact why should you? You have low/no fee credit cards, get everything NOW, enjoy and YOLO (you only live once), will pay it later. Everything is on loan from studies, cars or houses. If I give you a funding/surplus/bonus now, we take it as a challenge to finish all, without thinking twice about future. I know the concept of YOLO is so overwhelmingly awesome but there is a thing called rational thinking. Who wouldn’t want all the happiness right NOW but statistically speaking there is a future we have to be responsible for. You see if I give you a bag of happiness our generation and current managers would use it all ASAP because of YOLO. But isn’t it advisable to have it in proportions and enjoy the content of the bag in future too. Why live in a phoney world. Didn’t Holden (protagonist in Catcher in the Rye by  J. D. Salinger.) portrayed the shittiness of such phony (show off) world. Just to have a bigger house, bigger car, bigger _____ (fill in any materialistic object), one keeps living on loans and credits. There are new denial psychological diseases evolving coz of this. People go bankrupt and still have the audacity to deny and unchange their ways (AS I KEEP SAYING THESE ARE GENERA LLY SPEAKING, NOT ALL ARE BUTTHURT PEOPLE. I KNOW SOME WHO GET HURT AND LEARN BUT I HAVE SEEN MOST WHO PRETEND THAT NOTHING HAPPENED WITH THE ARROGANT SMILE OR SOME GODDLY PEOPLE WHO SAY THAT IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO ME) ahh. bloody caps lock, stuff it I am not gonna retype everything. As I was saying there are very amazing butthurt, defensive, insensitive, selfish and frankly stupid people out there. I had a relative who was continuously over-protecting of his wife by stating that one should ignore the insensitiveness nature of his partner because she never suffered any thing worse in her life and always lived a perfect life. This was like one of the great WHAT THE FUCK? moment I had. Being tolerant to a race, culture or elder. Having a standard etiquette as a guest or whatever is something  that stems from within. Trait called empathy doesn’t stem because one has some kind of past. Some people could have so called past still turned out to be faggots and some people are never faggots. So, no my kind relative I am not a stupid fuck who would fall for that bullshit. Your wife is an insensitive crap, be a man and admit it. Of course, I didn’t say anything then because I have a trait called being respectful. Not because I had some past but coz of the stupid nice gene in me. However, smart arse people think that their bullshit worked and people like me are dumb enough to take it as truth. They don’t understand that people like me are on completely different level. We are well aware of your arrogant arses and bullshits. We tend to ignore your existence and have pity on your phony/show-off soul. But now I think we should stop our nobleness and point the fault in their stupid logic but then why waste time….yeah ignoring is better. I am not saying I am the smart/noble/saint/all-knowing person here but at least I have brains to tell what is bullshit and what isn’t.

Sorry to bring out family issues here. The purpose of the blog is to point out the holes in the management which as a Generation Y-er, even I can point. Like evident from this picture, erecting a fully reinforced fibre material bus stop in the middle of the garden.Bus stop in the middle of the garden

This shit costs money, talking to a nearby handyman; estimated $50,000. Let me re-word it. There is $50,000 worth of an object of no use whatsoever sitting in the middle of the garden. I mean what the hell were people on; magic mushrooms from the garden?

Thats not it,  a well reputed Australian Architectural firm was building a townhouse next doors. They had two random brink pillars erected which was not even in the design, I placed a bet with my friends that it is a blunder from their part. Of course I was right they knocked the pillars later. (Note: Samuel if you think I have forgotten about the bet then you are gravely mistaken I am waiting and counting {Evil Grin} ). Everyone here knows how costly bricks and brick-layering is.

Next example is when I catch public bus, I was appalled by the timetabling of the buses. Anyone near Clayton go check the timing of 703 and 733 buses (dunno if they change it in last two years haven’t caught bus since then). These two buses on weekends run twice in an hour. It would make sense that these buses would at least be placed 30-35 min. apart. Doing so would make sense as if you missed one you won’t wait for another hour but only 30- 35 min. right? But no, both buses goes 3 minutes after each other. So if you are 4 minutes late, tough luck, wait for another hour.  Simple things like that. Oh you want bigger things then listen to this. A nearby govt. school was in dire need of new computers and books. They got funded and everyone was happy that we will get something relevant but guess what they did with it. They repainted the whole school and rebranded the logo with the colour and re-fenced the whole perimeter which wasn’t even required. momey-meme

However, the worst thing was what happened to the place where I voluntarily teach to adults. The federal fund stopped. The remaining fund was wasted on buying $200 per chair. 50 chairs each room. Two rooms with 40-50 chairs do the math and you have $20,000 worth of chairs. Remember my WHAT THE FUCK! moments. Now here is one, The place is cutting teachers’ hours and dropping courses because they complain there are no funding. Way to go Admin/management. You wasted incredible money on the fucking chairs where the old adults would be most probably farting on (no offence) rather than utilising and managing the fund effectively for the future.

We did Lean management of Toyota, business principles called 6 sigma, DMAIC etc., pretty famous business principles greatly used by asian companies, might I add the best, productive and effective business model. Now you would say but hey you graduated in biomedicine what would you know of this. Well I also did a management breadth track which I got distinction in (yeah, you are allowed to be amazed, I truly am awesome :P) You see western management style is blame/fire the human component of the company. Whereas in lean management, human component is valued above else. If recession hits, people are not the first to loose jobs. Unfortunately, not the case in western world. (Fun fact: CEO of Toyota comes half an hour early and mops his office as they believe the place of work is temple and should be respected, whereas here we quit half Fridays so we could chuck a shrimp on a barbie and grab a cold one. (Note: I don’t know why people keep commenting about throwing shrimps on bbq, It is mistaken, yes I did ride Kangaroos to school but shrimp on barbie is not the trend. PETA, just kidding, no riding kangaroos, however we aussies (myself Indian Australian) do eat our national animal and man it tastes great, trying to be vegetarian so will not talk about the juicy, tender, soft national animal steak anymore)

A little saving, planning, resource managing and common sense can prove very beneficial. You common folks at home can apply these rules too. Stop living in JUST now. One appreciates things more if one struggles a bit for it. So next time when you want that latest iPhone or gaming console then wait for it. Get some saving done and then buy it. Keep your credit cards a bit of rest. Do it and tell me if you felt a bit different, a bit sensible, a bit responsible and bit joyible. PEACE! Poor Management