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Deny as much as you want but deep inside everyone of us is a nasty judgemental being. As if you have not looked at a person and come up with a flashy story about them in a second. Actually according to research it takes only half a second to do that (reference- http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2579998/You-hello-People-judge-trustworthy-half-SECOND.html ) This is so wrong on so many levels. However, the question is how something which is wrong is found in all of us. Well this is what is known as evolutionary baggage. Something which was favourable for our ancestors but is redundant now. It’s the same thing with accent. There is a great video from James May (you may know him as Captain Slow from Top Gear series) Here’s the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMKvUuktSww

The video is basically telling how accent is community thing. Every community has slight variation of their own accent. We  copy our parents and then peers in order to fit in or belong in that particular community. This was important as in caveman times we could distinguish similar looking tribesman due to slight variation in their accent. (watch the video its much more entertaining). Of course now living in multicultural world we are becoming more accepting and forwarding as whole. But the topic is not that. ‘Judgementality’ is spreading like a bush fire. Peace is far from current world. Robbery, rape, murder etc., is just too much. Who wouldn’t like to know at first glance what the person on their face is like. Is he/she genuine or not? It is tempting to have that power at our disposal but not everyone is Professor X who can read minds. We are not X-men we are just-men. People are lost and missing out on amazing people because they have already judged them. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice trait and thats why was favoured and naturally selected but has same risk that of double sword. Do we really want to be so orthodoxically judgmental? I mean isn’t it time to be more peace loving, isn’t there enough hate spewing in our planet. Why not open up a bit? Not like asking you to ignore the hints and your judgement. Everyone has experiences use them. If the person is still acting not ur type then be frank and move on.

There is this amazing book by a Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow. It is kinda prescribed book for psych students. Its all about how people base their thinking on. Being judgy is something done by our what the book calls System 1 of our brain which is full of holes, biases and improper decisions. Its System 2 which is your sensible side.At least give it a chance to play its role too. Finally a little bit forgiving + a bit of understanding = Peace.Bob-59274883322_xlarge

And as always keep looking the world with a glass half filled with vodka 😛