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Here is a piece of fiction inspired by many plausible scenarios in tellies. So you invited some peeps over the dinner. All was prepared and ready to go but just imagine if by some miscalculation (or someone who overate the estimated share {generally me}) and the food cooked is in shortage. And u have like 20-25 minutes window to cook something presentable and palatable, tasty and healthy and easy to cook.

Don’t worry you need pastry sheets (those sheets which goes fluffy and u can buy them from any supermarket) + that frozen Atlantic salmon fillets in the freezer. See if u can slice a tomato while u r yelling on ur kids or anyone you can find to engage/entertain the guests. Grab that last spoonful of pesto sauce too.

Now get one whole pastry sheet, place one salmon fillet on it, empty some pesto sauce on top. and throw two slices of tomatoes on each side. Crunch some salt and pepper on top and cover the pastry then throw it in blazing fan-forced oven set at 250C. Keep gazing on it every now and then.

Have some flimsy talk with guests and then all of a sudden yell (inside your brain) coz u have forgotten something. Run back to pantry get some freaking eggs. Get the stuffed pastry out from the oven and brush the egg u cracked on it to get that awesome golden colour. Drink some water as you have done all u can.

Keep playing with temperature of the oven and have a glance on the state of the pastry every 3-4 second while nodding stupidly to anything the guests are saying.

BOOM!! No no thats not the salmon exploding out from the pastry. But in fact it has cooked awesomely. And the sound is for you for being dynamically fantastic.

Now cut it into slices as u cut the bread loaf as a matter of fact go ahead and use the same freaking knife to have nice slices. Serve it with some tartar sauce or tomato sauce or anything.

U have created Omega3 goodness under half an hour with awesome fluffiness. Nice work!

Salmon IMG_0055