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Pizza is to all like what beer is to a man 😛

The issue is doesn’t matter how aggressive the competition gets or how many varieties  gets introduced for $5. the pizza is either bland, greasy or like chewing cardboard. Do I have better options well damn right I do.

Now the coolest thing about this pizza is its highly and superbly customisable. Make your own versions with eggs, or ham, or turkey slices, or prawns… you get the gist. Here I am showing you the cheapest, healthiest and easiest one to make.

IMG_0746U need, 2 for $2.89 pizza bases from the market. or u want to be in control of the base then. the recipe is:

600gm plain flour

75 gm yeast

olive oil 3 tbsp

with the help of little water make the dough out of it and using the rolling pin flatten it. Set aside for like 25-30 min so that it rise a bit and yeast could do its magic. (if wait longer it will swell up into a bread so be careful or put in a fridge or sumthing. Put it in oven for like 5-10 min, Reason being I don’t want it to cook but kinda be cooked so its not floury when u put it again with the toppings.

Speaking of toppings,.. I just stole whatever was left in the fridge,

Capsicums (bell peppers),



olives (canned ones)

sliced tomato, Mozzarella cheese on top.

Now i like to get a bit of crunch so I chucked some almonds. Also, I just love eggs, so I just smash one in the centre.


Get some tomato paste or pasta sauce or tomato or bbq sauce anything u could find and spread it on.then be artistic (or lazy like me) and throw mushrooms, capsicums (Bell pepper) then onions , and u know just chuck things on it. be lazingly artistic if thats the term. U like spicy add chilli flakes then, a bit more flavour crush some garlic or fine chop them and spread it across, u r the owner of this pizza use the toppings like a BAWS, chuck it in oven and walk out like a MAN. BOOM!! thats how u make pizza sexy, wait what?

IMG_0747Put it in the middles of the oven. I go like 220 C fan forced oven like 20 min, and then keep checking hysterically every 2-4 min, asking myself “Is it Done Yet”.

U know cooking food and u r inhaling all that aromas, meanwhile gastric juices are getting triggers and excreted down there. So yeah I am a slave of my gastric juices I guess.