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Generation Y in kitchen!! Preposterous, it may sound but guys and girls it is amazing how easy and healthy yet tasty food one can prepare and surprise themselves. Plus, I am just sick of the shit burgers and pizzas out there. You know when you finally have some alone time at like 10 or 11 pm in the night, you feel kangaroos hoping in your stomach and you step out. What you find is only couple of maccas or hungry jacks (aka burger king outside Australia) drive thru and boy oh boy the food is hideously disgusting, unhealthy and expensive. What do you do then? well you cook yourself. I promise you even if you have are “not toasted your bread in toaster” rookie, it will still take you 20-30 min to cook amazing food.

Tuna – (yellowfin tuna

IMG_0723      Ironically, we being surrounded with water here in Australia don’t have fish quite as much as one would think. Tuna is known for it’s healthy perks. It has proteins for your muscles and omega 3. However, have you sat near or opened yourself a can of tuna. The fish smell is so annoyingly smelly, lol. I will tell you how to cook non-smelly fish in 20 min.

Preparation – I 

  • Just get the tuna frozen steak from supermarket.
  • Wash a little if you want, put in a bowl.
  • We can marinade it a bit too. It masks the smell and enhances the tuna flavour


  • Soy sauce – 3 table spoons
  • Red wine – 2 tea spoons
  • Red chilli sauce – brand and amount of your choice
  • Salt
  • Egg – 1
  • Cornflour or normal flour – 1 table spoon

Note: The amount should be taken as suggestion not as strict rules, be creative and experiment with the amount of things you want to put in it.

Preparation – IIIMG_0727

  • Cut all the vegetables you have.
  • Onion, garlic, chilli, capsicum (bell peppers) of any colour, mushrooms etc.

Cooking time

Use a pan or a barbie the tuna steak 3 min each side. It’s not a man food until you burn a bit, aye. Whatever you do don’t throw the marinade sauce left in a bowl you had tuna in. We gonna use it as in stock.

IMG_0729Once tuna is burnt… I mean cooked lift the pan and chuck it to the side.

We are going to stir-fry all that veggies you chopped earlier. Use as little oil (any cholesterol free will do, Canola over here is pretty good) as you can. I merely spray it instead of dripping it. IMG_0731

As you can see I barely have one spoon of oil in there.

Throw garlic and onion first. Stir it for like 2 minutes then add the mushrooms, stir it for 2 min. And in the end chuck all the capsicums or whatever is left in and stir it for 2 min.

IMG_0733After, all that the end result is colourful awesomly crunchy veggies.

All this cooking is happening on high flame so if you wait to click pics like I did you will notice things getting burnt. What next you ask?

Well remember that bowl you had tuna in, there’s still marinade left in it isn’t it. Add little water to it stir the content of that marinade and add like two-three spoons into the veggies and stir it.

FINALLY, you would notice that you are running out of time and you are hungry and out of patience. Take that tuna and place it with veggies and put whatever left off marinade. The lazier you are better the taste. After chucking everything together. Get some boiled rice on a plate and add the stuff on top. And eat eaT eAT EAT!!!IMG_0735

Colour may vary but taste would be amazing and you have succeeded in eating one of the healthiest food out there. You can do the same with chicken etc. But Tuna works well as you have this smug look on your face that you made TUNA EDIBLE 🙂