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King Midas is popularly known in Greek mythology for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold. A lust and a power which many kings and greeds of the world hoped for. However, this also brought to his demise.  Aristotle, points out how the Mystic Midas died of starvation as whatever he touched turned into gold. So how on Earth does it relate to ants and us. Well what I wanted to get out of this was that power and risk of stuffing up are directly proportional. In dumber words, you have more chance of screwing up things if you hold more power like Midas dude. We were lucky to have a greater Consciousness of ourselves and the surroundings. The risks of that is you genuinely have to power to override your brain and start acting suicidal  and take away your life which is like destroying thousands of safety checks designed by nature to stop you. (Not saying this the sole reason, hear me out). Similarly (well not quite similarly but close enough), is the nature of the title question. Ants would never have asked that question. They are happy in living life in their ways. They are all highly organised. Divided into sects with purpose of their life/existence organised for them before they are even born. Just watched The Ant Bully (film) you will know what I mean. But for us, because we have the power, we delude ourself in generating a fake purpose of the life and trusting a belief system which is so outdated that Harry Potter series sounds more plausible. We should not questions on why we are not something else but utilise ourselves. Unite and live together in peace, ants were able to do that. I don’t see a homeless, starving, depressed and a lonely ant. And we hold ourself at the centre of the universe, what a joke. How then to live life, u ask. Well make use of that Consciousness and figure it out yourself. But look at the ants and remember that you could do whatever you like until unless its not damaging the community around you. Live in harmony with your local community and the world would be much peaceful just like ants.

Both, us and ants, exists proving that both of us are winning the evolutionary race for now. What might get extinct in future, who knows. It is recorded that ~90% life forms ever existed on the planet are extinct (you can search for the factual source). More reasons to enjoy what you got and to live peacefully. Before sounding more hippie-tyoe, coming back to topic at hand. It is by chance that one didn’t become ant. I know its hard to get your head around. We as humans are hard wired to make sense of nothing. Like that experiment they did with gambling. While playing Roulette, if the Odds are coming one after another many human test subjects chose the next bet on Evens. Supporting their choice by saying that Odds has come enough it must be Evens turn. I mean what the hell, Odds and Evens are not bloody living things that the rule of equal turns apply on them. When done the same with rats, they chose the frequency of that thing which had more chance of occurring rather than humanising an object. (google for the proper experiment)  Its purely chance or luck or whatever you call it that you, me and we are humans.

If you think you did something great to be born human, then you are dumber than rats and trying to humanise random events. (you missed out on not being be born as ants, watch any documentaries on them and you would know what we are missing).

But this doesn’t mean we should not value ourselves, just not overdo it. Be humble, noble and modest.

ONE last thing, I grew up in a secular state where they taught us as kids to “Respect all Religions”. I think they were very wrong. It should have been “Respect all living beings”, PEACE! Keep Living and enjoying life (Y).

An Ant with a baby and a Peace sign, What else do You want?

An Ant with a baby and a Peace sign, What else do You want?