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I know this is not my age bracket and I should not comment on it, but meh got nothing to do so might as well. So without any due. What the hell with the Cartoon Network man, what are these kids watching these days. I had this notion right, which I think most of us do to. I used to think that with every generation things progress in a positive linear manner. You know how first we had black and white screen on Nokia’s brick phone where space invaders and snake consumed our precious time. Also, that hideous way of jamming keys again and again to type a text. Then gradually, awesome touch screen came in with new interface and farmville replaced the good old Nokia games, which has its own annoyance. Anyway you get the drift. Did you guys remember the awesome cartoons we used to watch back then? Cartoons had some purpose, some meaning, brain stimulating, senses evoking, passion generating and deeply entertaining. I mean there was Captain Planet, the guy who created it should have gotten Oscars or something. They displayed young active members of the WHOLE PLANET. There was a black, an asian and a freaking blue avatar (the Captain). That show forced us new generation to grew up environmentally conscious. I remembered my friends on our birthdays would skip school and go plant a seed or something. We were in grade II, regardless of us forgetting to water it and eventual death of the seed, we cared about the planet. How noble is that. No wait, we did water it, I think it was seed, you see we planted the chocolate wrappers hoping the chocolate plant will grow up. Shuddaup, its still noble. Uhm…. burying plastics in earth, which is non-degradable…… NO i will not tarnish my childhood. We did something noble because of the cartoon PERIOD

Then there was this best intro theme like the ‘The One’. Never found anything better after that in any genre of television. You cannot exit the MATRIX of our universe without listening it. The real adventures of Jonny Quest, what a show. A virtual reality inside a game. I mean a quadriplegic as villain because he can get into virtual reality and gain the functions of his limbs plus cool accessories and show them to never mess with a handicap. I mean that is teaching us young folks to respect handicaps, because they could go back home, switch on this google glass kinda gadget to enter this new world and gain super human strength and fuck you real good (metaphorically, no pedos please). Tell me thats not better alternative than sending your kid to a naughty corner. I mean you are inducing bad habits. When I was a kid I never liked the kids around me, they were loud, brash, pushy, snotty, etc., So I used to ‘act’ loud, brash, pushy, snotty, etc., to get sent to naughty corner so I would be away from the surroundings which I hated at the first place. Trust me it was all ‘deliberate’. What I was saying,,, yeah.,,, about cartoons. Even after that old classics, there were awesome just awesome cartoons like, Courage the Cowardly Dog, made us show the meaning of true courage. Then there was Powerpuff Girls, I chose science because I wanted to know badly about the formula ‘X’ so could create the girls. They were powerful, cute and always there to save the world. I mean one no I think two sets of girls in Middle East and just everywhere would make this world so peaceful. Good dictatorship principle, and a proof that this world is crooked and a need of super power is needed who could suppress and control us and lead us peacefully. Whats the hidden agenda there. Its plain and simple. Humans are fool and not powerful enough. They can not live at peace by themselves. Then there was Samurai Jack. Can I say anything more about this show. It has a samurai, a keeper, a fighter of light. Who lost and was sent in alternate future to fight the lost cause. AND And then there was Black Jack, the evil version of white Jack. Everyone knows that black version is always AWESOME.There are many such examples I can babble about here. But to the main point. Cartoons are so stupid these days. Ben 10 is kinda alright but the awesome theme are gone. Now there are stupid aliens and goofy episodes of non-sense cartoons.  Why I ask? Did we really took a step back. I hope youtube or some place in internet these videos still remains forever. I would like to re-watch them before I exit this matrix. PEACE 🙂

And remember Captain Planet, He is the HERO…