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I will try not to be (too) sexist. However, a massive call for knowledge is required. Especially after few gorgeous females whose face got disgusted when, well lets not be too derogatory with words, i gazed on their heavenly, biologically supreme, nature’s gifted, gorgeous bums. Any-who, in my fraternity’s defence she was wearing bright yellow mini-skirt, I mean you are driving smoking hot Ferrari and don’t want me to at least glanced at it. Whatever, after being embarrassed as this is not usual me, I questioned the very core of it. And believe me or not it was evolution. You must know that before we started living in closed cities, and the way we are now, we were foragers. Hunting and gathering and then moving around, surviving nomadically thru very tough times. Generally, hunting looks so easier with our rifles nowadays, but not the case when you are bare-foot and only stones or wood to hunt animals down. Also, remember agriculture wasn’t present on those early days so vegetation wasn’t abundant or systematic. This then means irregular and random patterns of period when lets a say a family is feeding on highly nutritious diet and then facing months without anything. Given our hot blooded system we can’t conserve energy like crocs and sit like we r dead. One thing we could do is to store that fat, when we are feeding, into our body and gradually use it during fasting times. Hence bigger bums, and boobs(which is the sign of fertility too). Similar to Camel’s hump, so girls don’t be too proud thats’ what ur bums are, a camel’s hump. Anyway, men can’t have larger bums as they have to run and hunt. Also, the fact thats its mums whose milk have to be high in nutrition while feeding their offsprings. Now, just having larger bums wouldn’t be evolutionary successful, if males don’t choose to mate, would it? Hence, male’s hormone work in such a chemistry that they got attracted to girls with larger bums so that they can secure a prosperous future for his future kids. Also, larger boobs, meaning better fertility = increasing the size of my family/tribe (overpopulation not a issue). If y’all think, i m fucking around, read these, <http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=228×448&gt;


And also, wikipedia entries.

So, our dear opposite sexes, be glad that you are here. As you wouldn’t have been even alive with those large bums if it wasn’t for our ancestor’s eye for those cushiony rears.

Even Roman Goddess, Juno, doesn’t mind little bit showing off 😛

Juno, Roman Goddess