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Recently i travelled many places and observed a common trait which all Homo sapiens share. Divisions or the act of differentiating from others. Like here in Australia, there is a racial joke on me every time I go out with my friends, and then we corner out a black guy in our group, then its asians and even whites don’t go untouched. I know its all jokes and fun time but to even think of such divisions on the first place shows what we feel about others. If nothing bad or out of ordinary could come to you about a chair in you are sitting then you will not even make a joke out of it. You have to have a thought in your mind to relay it out. It could be comical or not in nature and they could say in the end they didn’t mean it, however they did think of it thats why they said it on the first place. But I forgive them as Australia is filled with people around the world, for it not to have civil rites every day is crazy awesome itself. So one or two racial slurs could be excused. But what about places where there are same coloured people. When I was in history class I used to chuckle on one of the British policy called,’Divide and rule’. During the Mughal empire there were small areas under smaller rulers majority if not all were muslims, they enjoyed same food and culture.Traditions were same, festivals were same. With these many similarities how could Britishers even think of divide them and ruling them. It just didn’t make sense. Later I learnt, ‘divide and rule’ was the greatest tactic used by them and later, it was so successful that they used it in Image  every other country they ruled on. Puzzled me greatly then, but now I think I get it. We just need to differentiate ourself. We are selfish for good reasons. We are evolved in that manner coz if u don’t eat first u die. Before there were no religion to fight on so we fight for territory etc, (religion is still bad , and all should be banned no matter what. imagine a world without it, coming soon my next blog). its always we are rich you are poor, we are whites you are blacks, we are developed (US) you need us (rest of the world). we are from melbournians(awesum) u r sydneysiders(worse coffee ever).
I reckon there is only one way to solve or stop this divisions in us. If martians start living with us, then I think we could finally start living together under the name earthlings. It will be awesome period for us, coz then We are Earthlings and you are Martians.
PS; maybe then my hybrid grandson/daughter would write a blog urging us to be milky-way-siders and respect all equally.
Till then we could at least try to be Earthlings.