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Fancy title innit, no no I know what it means and have not just copied and pasted to grab people’s attention. If anyone remotely aware of French revolution (even in school) they would be aware of Queen Marie Antoinette (Austrian born). Quite famous to get dragged along with her husband King Louis (some roman numeral), and getting beheaded in front of the people, by the people and for the people. Some historians call it birth of democracy. Personally, belonging from the land of Gandhi, I couldn’t, wouldn’t approve of cruelty of this magnitude. But it seemed justifiable at that time and lets not argue who was right and who was wrong, could discuss politics in later blogs. Right, before history gets more boring moving on the title. According to some (not a fact), when french peasants were starving and draught was on them they went to their Queen Marie to seek solution. Queen, as beautiful as she was, spoke as melodiously as ever,Qu’ils mangent de la brioche“.  So what does it mean, well bluntly when farmers complained there are no breads to eat, queen graciously replied, why not then eat cake. hahahaha, I just love women with sense of humour but apparently it was not and she, I think, started the stereotypical blonde jokes tradition from there on. Seriously, on serious message here. Food is a basic need and no one should be stripped away from it. Yet after centuries there are places where folks have not eaten in days. Poverty is a major concern. I hope we all are mature and empathetic enough to at least be aware of it if not do anything about it. Poverty is not a choice neither it happens only in poor places. Even here in Melbourne, which was ranked 1 for most liveable city in the world for three consecutive years suffer from it. My aim is for people, especially my age, to be aware of it. Please, I beg you not to be hypocrite and do all those useless church praying bullcrap. Praying to anyone is the biggest crap of your precious time. Also, I have seen many hyper-overly-devoted hypocrites/hippies doing all these special $2 living shit and still waste food(not everyone is like that). Alright I have grabbed your attention now, and you would be saying so what just being aware of the issue will do smartypants and what is the solution then, genius. Then I would reply, well thank you, for acknowledging me to be smart and genius. Secondly, the biggest solution for this is to be conscious about what you are putting into your mouth. My mate, got a meal with chips, drinks and a decent burger. Me and one other then went to order at a different restaurant. While we were waiting, the previous guy comes and orders chips again from here too. nothing wrong with it, maybe he was hungry but then my patient-limit was off and I ask him why are you not eating the bloody chips. Guess what he said, he said he saw a pretty girl standing so he came to check her out and bought chips so he can check her out fully. Ahhhh!!! I wish I could punch a hole on top of its pie-hole, but as I said Gandhi has sucked violence out of me. And its equally futile to talk some sense in testosterone filled head, so I politely asked him not to do it ever again in front of me. When I was working in food outlet myself I would see the amount of order, generally our Gen Y orders and waste it. Everyone one does it, and there is this really common trend not to eat your food completely as it brings some sort of bad luck if you finish everything. I mean what the fuck!!. But one could do nothing about it. No NO, you could and would do something about it. Order, eat and save just that much as you need to as the amount you just threw in bin could have saved a life somewhere. The blessing you get out of saving one’s life is way more than what you could ever achieve out of nonsensically praying to someone (if you believe in blessings and things). You know I hate religion but it has some valid morals too. For instance, very popular 30 days fasting thing is muslims, so that they can feed the poor. But, I have seen nearly every muslims till now, who have more food prepared during their 30 days fasting period. They would have some very exotic foods feasts prepared and half of shits goes in bin. As you can’t eat leftovers during the day as you are fasting and then you have to cook new, fresh food every night. And people tend to stuff themselves up during night too. I mean instead of going thru all this dramas and mindless hardships why not limit yourself, and I don’t know maybe feed one meal to the poor around you for those 30 days by subtracting that one meal from your day. Same concept of nowadays living under $2 per day shit. Why everything has to be so confusing. I get it some folks want to help but there are so many simpler routes one can take.
I think I have babbled enough. I hope message was spread and if you want to argue go ahead I am up for any kind of rational, logical and reasonable discussions. However,  the main message is to be aware of what you eat. Doing it helps you too, obesity is killing people. Be mindful, Be aware, Be reasonable and eat healthy!! And just for those high in testosterone, here is a picture of ever so gorgeous Marie 🙂Gorgeous Marie