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183169909815315152_xdRyEUx2_c_smallI know i said i would write abt religion, pros and cons of travelling etc. we will get to that but wat abt life. This is one thing i keep falling onto again and again whether its after a depressing exam i did or returning from an amazing shaadi where i felt quite not required. I always wanted to live my life like complex no. “i” (we did in specialist). Yeah thats right majority of you don’t know about and the few who do know this would also know that complex number ‘i’ is well imaginary and is actually not real. Still we use it likewise i want to be unknown by the majority of the peeps but ppl who do know me would take me as imaginary and don’t hope that i would be present with them. having said that i would be the building blocks much like ‘i’ in complex no. and if someone want something done i am the person for it. I don’t knw why the hell i used such a puny example and why i m still going on about it. but lets cut to the chase shall we. Life when asked to define that by Siri (my digital biatch) citied some definition from online vch was generic and nothing what i want. I heard somewhere that life is not life till we finish living it. but a person like me who doesn’t believe in gods nd life after death would be left confused. So bascially without going on all philosophical here. why not enjoy life by being ‘selfish with courtsey’ what i mean by that is be selfish and think about self-happiness and do what one like but i am not saying YOLO here. be a selfish guy thats fine, but have courtsey too. think that will my selfish needs harm someone, if yes then seek alternatives. coz trust me its not happiness if it causes someone saddness. One finds happiness and it only becomes super happiness when others r involved. remeber that and have fun. Also, one important note-  many nowadays (sadly ppl my age), go to extra extent thinking YOLO and smoking dangerous unknown stuffs and daring to do which is seen deathly to a sane person, lets tackle it with cricket analogy, to all those cricket die hard fans and also to those not so into it who are the evergreen batsmen you could remeber. Don bradman, Brain Lara, SACHIN TENDULkar.(yes i feel,breathe,see,taste and hear only SACHIN when it comes to criket :P). One simmilartiy among them and many those who are famous is that they were the criketers who lasted longest in the game not the ones who hit sixes on every ball but got out after 3 overs and end up finsihing their career soon after. We end up remembering those who many times hit hundreds and many times got out on duck but kept on playing cricket nevertheless. Did u get what I mean, You Only Live Once, does’t mean u hit sixes nd take major risk coz then u die young and fail to see the beauty of the whole life. why not be cautious enough to live the only life to the fullest. I admit its exhilartingly fun to go crazy YOLO style but at what risks trust me many of us don’t see this far but its equally exhilartingly fun to see a sapling grow into an awesum full fledged tree. But to see that u need to hit a century and i hope all of us achieve that. 🙂