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i sat with a girl

she was sweet and shy

quite and unsure

i introduced myself with a fiery passion

but was soon calmed down by her serene reflection

i was lost in her eyes,like a drop in an ocean

i was feeling unsure

there was a twitch in my heart

i fall deep down in my past

have i met her before i asked

i was so unsure

i talked to her with all my might

wished her to be always on my sight

tried so hard but was awoke all night

is this what is love,i was unsure

summer had passed and winter arrived

i chained my heart and sent it for a dive

i tried to move on,but to where?

i was unsure

the year is at its ends

heres’ approaching another weekend

everyone is with there girlfriend

my all hope has expend

but this damn heart still refuses to suspend

i told my mind to stop fluctuating

as the exam was fast approaching

i didn’t want to think about her

i went for a cool shower

i saw her again,

with a boy at her side

i felt my tears even in the rain

i stood behind a tall man

inorder to hide

but it didn’t took long for her to find

she yelled at me

i was glad

she remebered my name

she was beautiful as ever

i try to talk more

but her tram was at the shore

she hurried to her seat

i watched with peace

i was no more unsure

my heart was wrong

there was nothing between us afterall

i gave her a smiling farewell

i never saw her last good bye

i started to walk away feeling sure

convincing myself of leaving her alone

i was finally free

still i felt a huge unease

i laughed at my own emotions

might have written some abusive notations

i looked at the mirror to compare the boy

but all i saw was her serene reflection

i was yet again calmed down

and realised the fact,

i was never ment to be with her

but was to only praise her

i don’t know shit what i am writing

making all this bullshit while i am walking

can’t be fucked to rhyme anymore

if u have a problem take ur ass away u ‘hore

u dare give me abt all that ‘incorrect english’ comment

so listen carefully as i m abt to make a statement

i don’t care how bad is my grammar

coz i m not here to teach u how to spell ‘HUMMER’

if u understand what i m saying then give me a like

if u don’t then move aside

i m so not in my rite mind!!