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let me know if you spotted my favorite Diogenes

I am not allowed to write about uni subjects,staffs etc but what d hell. It is exactly 27 min. after my first ever philosophy lecture which is not the conventional type but to be precise philosophy of biology. And I loved it no not because I had a healthy illusion of sleeping or the catatonic feeling I was well, feeling neither the fact that all the words my lecturer was uttering was made up (I hope they were). But the sheer amount of weirdness in the hall which made me feel belonged very strongly. There was this real correlation between me and the guy mystically chanting fancy made up words. I could finally imagine why Newton didn’t think about eating those apples but decided to make a law out of it. Much like me who has ignored to do his homework but babble here. (paradox on ur face). Before I lose those few sane brain cells lets see the real reason i decided to write this thing up. lets face it, I don’t have Dickens’ vocab nor could I bring a melodrama tone like Shakespeare what i could do is be blunt as usual. So i walked in the hall, what i see is this vintage style guy with full on hat and those Victorian era watches hanging thru a chain, if u know what i mean, and going on about in some language which sounded really familiar. After observing my lecture hall, yes which means checking out for potential girlfriends, I sat and the guy faced me and started speaking, remind u its 10 o’ clock and i am 75% asleep. and god he spoke it was like Steve jobs telling me this is the computer which allows me to maximize screens and i am going omg i better stop eating and save money to buy that thing (my eating budget is humangus). He told us not to ask any questions as most probably he wouldn’t know the answer. He told us that when reading the philosophy prescribed book if you go wtf this author is talking about or Aristotle’s world seemed cuckoo to u then you are on the right track. And that calling things real and unreal at the same time and respecting that paradox is OK. This is like my first day of this subject in which 99% of the words used or spoken appeared to be English but were not at the same time. i dunno what it means to be a philosopher but apparently it was mandatory for biologist in Europe at some period of time to be well versed in philosophy before going in researching in biology. So lets see how well my brain adapts to philosophical way of looking at things in these 10 days. My first priority would be to understand this language they are using so i could use it as a weapon against those so-called ‘normal’ peeps so they stop bothering me. i wish to immerse into Plato’s and Aristotle’s world after all it was Aristotle who set Alexander’s (The Great) routines. Ancient Greek was the awesome world where guys like Diogenes of Sinope existed who would masturbate in public and sleep in jars 😛