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What a life? Oh dear,seriously so mch hatredness,guilt nd sorrow but still human tend to repeat those mistakes,nd keep on continuing thr pity lyf well isn’t tht wat v learnt to do in ths stupid world ,keep on living, i mean seriusly.,,,uhm..,,typing on bus not really my cup of tea,but hey i lyk coffee,yeah tht doesn’t sounds rite, but can’t be bothered deleting it, so wher was i, rite,“lyf”,funny thing abt it,its lyk masturbation,u feel aroused till d part of ejaculation,u feel certain urge tht u culd achieve nything in d plateau phase,but during refractory period u feel useless,total rubbish, depresion slaps u lyk Bruce Lee,no matter how mch porn u watch u r not erecting in tht period,now sum of us hav long nd short refractory period,but d main part abt this kinky analogy is tht no one has permanent refractory period d cycle returns nd one will reach tht peak again,guaranteed,.so if nature is teaching us this ,it means its imprtnt,thn i can’t undrstnd y ppl kill thmselves,do thy get tht upset in thr refractory period,or thy jst lack d true knowlegde abt it,.wateva d case is it sounds ridiculous to me, i mean thr r so mch stffs to do in lyf, lyk reading my stuff,its totally worth it ,alrite, fuck off if u don’t wnt to read it, bt remember i am nd still be Awesum.,d problem in my lyf is rite,tht how shuld i reach to wide hideous society of us,i reckon i m gonna open a blog or sumthing,get sum bitches into reading ths,yeah thts riite i said it, if u r taking ur lyf thn u r a big fat bitch,nd havn’t masturbated yet, u r missing on sumthing huge, so i knw u ll do wat u wnt to do no matter how mch i persuade u idiots, hence i m going 2 masturbate now,lol calm down guys,i m on bus on my way to get ths guitar stand i bided on ebay, nd i m nt tht mch of a public freak’besides ths fine ass lady is staring me strait into my eyeballs,vch is freakin me out,i m really gtting bored on ths stupid bus,nd yeah u gssed it rite,i m going thru my refractory period too who on earth in their rite mind vuld rite ths big bullshit, nd mine is taking ages to get over i mite need sum medication or maybe not, if i gt d rite grl,vch is challenging but pausible,.so guys enjoy d plateau phase as mch as u can nd don’t disharten urself when u r in refractory period, enjoy,nd i shuld stop my kinkiness,coz my stop is approachin near,.laters,till thn,luv,learn, live nd masturbate

  • ((facts taken frm wikipedia,.content mainly applies to Male,but females r mot welcum)) don’t get offended or horny i m a Biologist nd luk ths WORLD accordingly