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So I was meaning to write some stuffs on Leap Day yr  eve,(if u can call tht) but as usual my lateness gene took over my consciousness,and here I m 2 days behind my schedule.anyhow as I was saying wind; what to write on that? Well this ain’t an essay,.so don’t expect me to pull up a fancy Oxford dictionary reference or cite things,.in-fact,i wouldn’t be needing to cite it anyway coz this piece of work is as usual an anecdotal one.

With some fancy genotypes delivered from my ancestors there was this sinus one. It bugged me a lot till my primary school. I had to go some operations,went under tonsil one too. Saved me for lyk 2yrs. But returned again, last Sunday my nose was so stuffed up,that my whole family genuinely thought that my voice deepened and I turned into a true blooming male (a common myth-a boy growing a moustache and deep voice means full-fledged  guy.). So apparently I grew up loathing winds coz no matter if its a cold or hot breeze it will carry pollen or dust particles and infiltrate my two gorgeous looking nose holes as if its a utopian world in there(well it might be you never know). Then what they do, u ask, well I haven’t studied the science yet but its a real pain in ur whole anterior part of the head.man its immensely painful.so u get it yeah,I think,lol. but here is the fun thing I kinda got used to that. I mean I didn’t  whinge about it up until now. See the problem was manageable not saying that nature made an easy job for me especially here in melbourne ,we r famous for our winds and changing weathers. I find it exhilarating if u ask me though coz it gives u a sense of uncertainty, u never know if its a sun or a heavy black cloud next hour. Oh thats a different topic for a next 29th Feb,lol,               Getting straight to the point,as I always do,but in order to do that I might have to tell you about my uni, u see I have to get off at a train station(Melbourne Central) then its a 15 min walk or u can get tram but its advisable to walk coz of many reasons vch I m in no mood of mentioning. But the thing is that between my uni nd Melb. central, there are 119 gazillion eating places,and I did count it,well sorta, and some of u have already guessed where I m going with this,. Yes the wind carries the aroma and does a fair way of advertisement.and man I tell u what its worse than sinus,.it gives u all this crazy psychological tensions,. Its heavy on ur wallet,,ur mind is commanding neurones to ignore the smell and hurry back to the station but heart and stomach revolts. So imagine 20 kangaroos jumping in ur stomach and a 10 hippoes marching on ur heart and a muthafucker dinosaur roaring from the top all tht happening in ur body what will u do well u can’t do anything anywayz coz u vuld be dead real quick, I pressume. But u can imagine yeah., the pain I have to go thru especially when u r on a diet. See ,so wind Is one of the bullies I have to face on daily basis.damned this world is harsh.ahh. There u go I hope this crap made a befitting thingy to read on the extra day of this year and  praise living the same world ,u share with me ;P,.