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So this happened when a six year old told me that i was weird and was drawing weird drawings. Usually this ends with me swearing on them in my native tongue (hindi) and they dont understand shit,nd start laughing or crying depending on what face i made while saying it. but this time my mom spotted me before i could say anything, so here i m taking my frustration out thru notes,which i have no idea why i write,given that i dont know how to write.                                                                                                                                                                                   i am ,recently, pretty confused regarding the word “weird”. Its one of those hard negative words which is used too often without seriously thinking of its implication, like calling things gay. most of us do it,without realising that someone might get offended by it and many times without even knowing what does it actually means eg, that party was so gay,.now it was not refering to a happy party neither a homosexual one, so dicitonary meaning has nothing to do with it…. what does it really mean to be a weirdo and where does ur obsession with something makes u cross a ,sumone may call , sane boundary,..so back to me nd me drawings, i have develop this so-called weird habit of drawing organs inspired by the colourfull diagrams in my lecture notes.i draw heart,lungs nd my favourite is gastrointestinal organs mainly that conjunction and togetherness of stomach ,intestines, carefull placing of liver,gall bladder,pancreas etc.now a person could laugh on me, many call me weird. But in the end they suffer by my death stare.and my angry face to them,which counts as violence (mentally if not physically),does that make me a ‘psycho’ too, also i might have threaten some by saying that i might open their stomach and draw them,which i just said it coz i was pissed and wont be doing it,well not that i have not thought about it, but hey, we all think of something crazy. ok, maybe i have dreams of it too, but hey, we all dream crazy things,.and and u can’t blame me,i look at actual things of real human bodies in my anatomy prac. so that had an influence,.but i am not like going and cutting people and looking at there guts,eventhough the games i play i usually love doing exactly that. but i am not a psycho, or weird or alrite i might be a bit weird but aren’t we all??.,so i am not weird,,,..and i am not pyscho either coz i am not a violent person,.but i may have thought about being violent ,and when i think of being violent, its not a punch or a slap i think of, its full on surgically removing things drawing them and seeing them burnt, violence ,,,which is normal,(i guess)but hey , dont we all think lyk that(maybe not,but most of us do). My point is that if we are only thinking something why not think it to the extreme.if you are thinking of driving a car,why not make it extreme by thinking of driving an expensive customised Monster truck and hitting the fuck out of any other car on the road.its not like we are actually doing it,just thinking ,aren’t we?,.see wat i mean, so i m very normal, thank you please.                                                                                               So there you go six year old,dont assume that i didn’t reply back. When you grow older read this article and remember, i never let anyone leave without answering them back.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    P.S.- i never said i was good in drawings,jut luv drawing’em. and if anyone thinking of complaing about me,dont bother, i have a proper working with children proof.and  d above piece(like everything else coming out by me) is only for comical purposes. so just read and enjoy if not then piss off before i sue you for being a “weirdo”.:)