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i know right, wat i m doing writing this stupid note, i must admit watching Barney getting girls, nd Ted searching for his soul mate, is much more exciting. however, how long can u be away from d real world, girls r cynical in bitter reality. So here i am writing my shit,so tht i can feel ok, after breaking out with my gf. As they said long relationship is a disaster, true story. they say never be friends with ur ex, easier said than done, how can u say no to d only relationship u can hav with them. well if u can,then u r rare exception, pardon me i m not as strong as u r, so yes was d only word vch came out frm my mouth(i do regret tht). i quit my part time job(still don’t knw d exact reason). bought a grant worth of treadmill in order to mutate myself into wolverine. nd read all d sherlock holmes so tht i could see things thru his extraordinary point of view.i also cut my fingers in order to learn how 2 play a guitar. wow!! rite, but when i asked her tht u ever felt nything abt me, d answer was no. nd thr came How i met ur mother, d characters kinda got real,Stinson’s theory made sense, i was on her hook, i hav to break out from it,so i did.true story. now i reflect back,(lyk today). i culdn’t even remeber d girl’s name who made me this multi-Awesum, yeah, i did faced sum terrible life tragedies in my life,but hey even Stinson got serious father’s issue. So by luking @ d glass vith half full vith beer, i feel k, well 4 atleast now i do. u know y, coz doesn’t matter how fucked up ur lyf is, dosn’t mattr if u poor nd hav no job, if u lost ur lovely father, or ur grl nd bst buddies showed thr back when u needed them,it seriously doesn’t matter till u r S.T.U.P.I.D.(Smart Talented Unique Person In Demand) nd hav tht fuckd up lyf  with u, coz goddamit u can hold tht lyf nd score a fuckin century out of it. 

So, thr u go, a bit in detail abt me, nd i realy feel so bad abt my frnd who left me without knowing abt my awesumness